Whitening Moisturizing Sunscreen Face & Body Spray 50spf++ (random free soothing moisturizing spray or caviar spray)

RM 118.00

Whitening and Moisturizing Multi-Effect Sunscreen Spray with SPF50, PA+++ Effectively protect your skin from UV up to 12.5 hours Non-sticky, refreshing texture with micro droplets and colorless  

Malaysia's current most hot selling sunscreen spray. 

Non greasy and easy to carry.  It is one of the best sunscreen in our hot tropical climate. It can also be used on wet skin which is why it is one of the best product to bring along for your beach sports.

Before use, please shake it and spray evenly on the skin exposed to the sun (neck, hands, legs, back, etc.) at a distance of 20cm

使用前请摇一摇,距离20cm 处均匀喷射于暴露在阳光处皮肤(颈部,手,腿部,背部等等)


Free 1 caviar spray or soothing moisturizing spray