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Sleeping Mask Water Spa Hydrating 夜间温泉补水面膜

RM 99.00

Water Spa Sleeping Mask - 3 box Capsule 21 units 

Gently apply with water droplets, let the skin hydrate and forma film with yeast fermentation, honey, royal jelly. let the skin enjoy full nutrition when sleeping peacefully, make the skin moist and soft. With nicotinamide added, alpha arbutin, leaves you radiant skin.

Thermal Spring Water, Sea Silt extract, Alpine Glacial water unique formula.

MOISTURIZING TECHNOLOGY: with moisturizing ingredients of thermal spring water and hyaluronic acid wrapped in the callus culture of eryngium maritimum, deeply penetrate into the skin, toned and soft





=可以 ,是一款每天敷的面膜

我要省用, 可以不必每晚敷吗? 没有每晚敷,会没有效果吗?
=不会, 刚开始建议每晚敷,直到满意为止,可以选择各几天再敷都没问题。

我有用 SOS, 那么怎么配搭 舒缓修复面膜呢?
=你可以先用 SOS 后, 搽上 舒缓修复面膜

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