Beautiful Cream 50g 淡化干纹-素颜霜

RM 89.00


不需要,用普通的洗面奶即可洗干净,省时 省力,还能避免反复摩擦,减轻肌肤负担。


不会,里面添加了多重精粹成分,深层补水 保湿,自然提亮不假白。同事涂抹手法也很 重要,少量多次涂抹,能有效避免膏体过多 造成的妆容不自然

Does Beauty Cream require makeup removal?

No, you can clean it with ordinary facial cleanser, which saves time and effort, avoids repeated friction and reduces the burden on the skin.

Will the  Beauty Cream make my face look very bright?

 No, it contains multiple essence ingredients to deeply hydrate and moisturize, naturally brightening . The application technique is also very important.

Applying a small amount multiple times can effectively avoid unnatural makeup caused by too much paste.