Anti Aging Revival Masque 100ml (expired date Nov 2023)

RM 189.00

ANTI-AGING REVIVAL MASQUE (expired date Nov 2023)

Is a powerful  aging masque which uses nature's active ingredrents of peptides from bee venom. anti-aging revival masque also contains lemon balm and shea butter which help tighten and smooth the skin reducing the appearance of fine lines and other signs of aging.

是一种强大的老化面膜,它使用蜂毒肽的大自然活性成分。 抗衰老复兴面膜还含有柠檬香脂和乳木果油,有助于收紧和抚平皮肤,减少细纹和其他衰老迹象的出现.

 INGREDIENTS: aqua, citrus medica limonum (lemon) fruit water, kaolin, glycerin, isopropyl palmitate, ceteary alcohol, olea europaea (olive) fruit oil propanediol, caprylid/capric triglycende oleyl erucate, glycerv stearate, ceteary! glucoside, butyirospermum parki (shea butter), hexapeptide 2 hamamelis virginiana (witch hazel) extract. lavandula angustifolia (lavender) extract, chamomilla recutita (matncana) flowerleat/stem extract, camellia sinensis leaf extract melissa officinalis leaf extract, sodium byaluronate, alyceryl undecylenate, focoplieryl aceelate. lactic acid xanthan gum, sodum stGoyl gluamate oyce caprylate, delydroacti acd eny Acohal


How to use:

Apply masque evenly over the face and neck, avoiding the eye and mount area. leave for 15-20 minutes . Rinse thoroughly with tepid water.