Anti Aging Revival Toner-100ml

RM 198.00

Anti-Ageing Revival Toner is rich in the living energy of peptides, collagen and witch hazel. These ingredients hydrate and sooth the skin during the night and promote smoothness and overall skin well-being. The skin is left felling calm, refreshed and balanced. 

What is a peptide?

Peptides are also called polypeptides and peptides, a small molecular protein that exists in the human body. It is the pole of the albumin that is converted into several amino acid groups after hydrolysis. Small sub-weights, stable quality and easy to be absorbed by the human body.

 What is the role of bee venom peptide?

Long-term use of melittin will irritate the skin to produce natural gum protein, make the skin firm and smooth, resist aging, whiten, and increase the skin. The elasticity is often ineffective, and it is called the natural botulinum toxin.

-Skin lifting and firming V face

- Moisturizing

- Firming