1 Nano Chip Beauty Starter Pack

RM 458.00

Nano Chip Beauty ( Free 4 units Hyaluronic acid+ Free 35ml SOS ) 

Add On Serum , more save !!  

Starter pack including : 1 Nano beauty gun + 4 Hyaluronic serum + 1SOS serum 

can choice 1 serum as you like 


Hyaluron Serum - highly effective moisture concentrate for skin prone to dryness and the formation of wrinkles 

Deep hydration to solve the problem of dry skin and sensitive skin.   Long-lasting moisturizing .

Tranexamic Acid -  Radiance and whitening Serum

help to improve brightening entire complexion and skin tone 

whitening, suppress melanin throughout, lighten spots, lighten acne marks, improve skin gloss, improve roughness, purify skin, make skin white and flawless, firm skin and delay aging

Bee Peptides - Peptides Anti-Aging Serum 

increasing skin thickness & refining the appearance of wrinkles 

Firming and lifting face, super anti-oxidant, effectively repair fine lines, improve pore size, suppress fat and prevent acne, prevent acne, stimulate skin collagen, elastic fiber regeneration, anti-aging. 

Fibronectin Repair Serum - Regeneration & Repair

can fully regenerate the cells of all layers of the skin and accelerate the role of aging keratinocytes.  Rebuild cells, strengthen skin barrier and repair damaged skin.  Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, remove scars and acne, dilute acne marks, repair after sunburn, red blood lines, repair double skin for allergic skin, and use with other original liquid is better.