Geoskincare Aloe Vera Cooling Gel Spray 98ml

RM 29.90

Pink aloe vera cooling gel spray contains pink aloe vera leaf powder and New Zealand propolis, which is lightweight and moisturizing. The gel will turn into liquid when pressed for the optimal hydrating result. A variety of plant-based ingredients, such as Centella Asiatica, sophora flavescens, and Paeonia lactiflora, will leave your skin feeling soothed, calm, and refreshed.

Use as a serum/essence, after cleansing as the first step of the skincare, as a make-up setting spray or mist as an instant hydrating boost throughout the day. Spray after make-up or clean face for a dewy finish. Hold bottle 3 inches from face and spray 1-2 times as needed


护肤的第一步清洁后,作为定妆喷雾或喷雾作为全天即时补水。 化妆或清洁面部后喷洒,以获得水润效果。 将瓶子放在距离面部 3 英寸的地方,并根据需要喷洒 1-2 次