Geoskincare Loose Powder (Natural Color)空气蜜粉, 细腻||控油|| 自然

RM 85.00

纽西之谜轻盈柔雾空气蜜粉 定妆散粉饼隐形毛孔持久控油 自然哑光

细腻||控油|| 自然

Weightless powder melts to skin, providing a light, natural coverage. • Light, translucent powder sets makeup and helps to improve the appearance of potes, fine lines and wrinkles. Absorbs excess oil and sweat to keep makeup looking fresh al day long. Lises skin nourishing ingredients such as centella, honey and purslane to repair, rejuvenate and maintain healthy skin

how to use :

Step 1 When using, take out the interlayer cotton sheet, dip it in a velvet puff, and take an appropriate amount of powder. 

Step 2 Fold the puff in half to make the powder evenly distributed.

 Step 3 Do not pat the puff on the face to set makeup and absorb oil.  After the top is used, the interlayer cotton sheet should be put back.