Hydra Brilliance Foundation (free 1 makeup sponge )

RM 69.00

Limited time - Free 1 makeup sponge


A touch of water, moisturizing, skincare grade moisturizing, presents high grade creamy muscle gouache, light and moisturizing, and it is superimposed without masking. Create a high level {nude} makeup effect! Lightweight, hydrated, easy to apply 

一瓶五大功效 5 in 1 effects :

 1.) 一抹化水 A touch into water 

2.) 清爽保湿Refreshing and moisturizing 

3.) 细腻亮肤Delicate skin brightening 

 4.) 长效持妆Long lasting makeup 

5.) 妆养合一Makeup and nourish skin in one

质地轻薄、水润、易推开 爆水珠粉底液 , 一抹化水、一推即匀 让肌肤自由呼吸的素颜水粉 妆养合一,呵护你的肌肤