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Limited edition- 4 type in 1 Sleeping Mask Collection Set ( total 28 Capsules)

RM 129.00

-Water Spa Sleeping Mask 7 Capsules 


Gently apply with water droplets, let the skin hydrate and forma film with yeast fermentation, honey, royal jelly. let the skin enjoy full nutrition when sleeping peacefully, make the skin moist and soft. With nicotinamide added, alpha arbutin, leaves you radiant skin.

Thermal Spring Water, Sea Silt extract, Alpine Glacial water unique formula.

MOISTURIZING TECHNOLOGY: with moisturizing ingredients of thermal spring water and hyaluronic acid wrapped in the callus culture of eryngium maritimum, deeply penetrate into the skin, toned and soft

-Collagen Elastin Sleeping Mask  x 7 Capsules


 Help to restore your skin elasticity & boost collage cells while you are sleeping. Reduce fine lines & wrinkle. Enhanced skin elasticity, forming and toning, when you are wake up with rejuvenated skin.

-Thernal Spring water 

-Canada Sea Slit Extract

-Alpine Glacier Water

-Collagen Extract

-Soothing Recovery Sleeping mask  x 7 Capsules


-Milk Bursting Sleeping Mask x 7 Capsules