Whitening Sun Block BB Cream 40g - SPF 30 PA++

RM 89.00

美白+防晒+遮瑕BB霜 SPF30 PA++

美白防晒遮瑕BB霜 防水防汗, 持久力强, 不脱妆,不含色素, 不阻塞毛孔

The product is added with nicotinamide and other effective ingredients, lighten up the skin. Addition of a variety of plant extracts such as purslane, parsley, vegetarian flower, lavender. Protect skin from UV damage, effectively reduce melanin deposit, inhibit the formulation of melanin, and assist to fade irregular tone. Purify skin, balance water and oil, refreshing and non-greasy.


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产品中添加了烟酰胺和其他有效成分,可美化皮肤。 添加多种植物提取物,例如马齿苋  欧芹,素食花,熏衣草。 保护皮肤免受紫外线伤害,有效减少黑色素沉积,抑制黑色素的形成,并帮助淡化不规则色调。 净化肌肤,平衡水油,清爽不油腻


How to apply : 

  • Pump or squeeze out a dollop of  whitening sun block BB on the tips of your fingers.
  • Lightly tap the sunblock all over your face, covering as much skin as you can. Imagine that you are playing the piano all over your skin