Pink Aloe Vera Refreshing & Shoothing Gel 138g

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Pink Aloe Vera Refreshing & Shoothing Gel

-Sensitive relief after Sunburn

-Suitable face and body

-Repairing after -sun care suitable for all skin type

-Provide hydration to the skin. 

可以, 轻微烫伤可以立刻舒缓痛感,芦荟凝胶具有抗炎,止血治疗瘙痒,伤口愈合等功效。特别是对于烧伤,冻伤有特殊效果,如红色的伤口。对伤口进一步吸取热量,有镇痛作用。覆盖伤口,防止细菌病毒侵入,并对局部消炎、杀菌;防止水分蒸发、润养局部皮肤;促进伤口细胞再生和复健,减少疤痕, 小孩都可以使用




How to use
After sun exposure, apply pink aloe vera Gel to  Face & Body generously to the clean and dry skin of the face and body. May be used twice a day if necessary

Special tips  ➡Apply the cream whenever needed such as heated, dry and irritated areas ➡Use as moisturizing cream ➡Use as sleeping mask


Ingreadients:   12-Hexanediol, Aloe Barbadense Leaf Juice Label, Cape of Good Hope ASE SERCNCH Extract, Centella (CENTELLA)  ASIATICA) extract, ceramide 3 gel extract, FOUSCARICA fruit extract, peach acid, methyl propylene glycol, carbomer steel, glycerin, PEG-40 sesame oil base, carburetor Chayuan, ethyl two  Glycol, meal-known version, (daily use) flavor. How to use it: apply a proper amount of gel to the face or body, gently massage and pat until absorbed. It can also be used in a wide range. It can be used as a post-surface repair product. Three  Matter: If you feel any discomfort or abnormality after use, please stop using it or consult a dermatologist.

Is aloe vera useful for burns?

-  Slight burns can immediately relieve pain. Aloe vera gel has anti-inflammatory, hemostatic, itching and wound healing effects.  Especially for burns, frostbite has special effects, such as red wounds.  It can further absorb heat to the wound and have analgesic effect.  Cover wounds, prevent bacteria and viruses from invading, and anti-inflammatory and sterilize local areas; prevent water evaporation, moisturize local skin; promote wound cell regeneration and rehabilitation, reduce scars, and children can use it

  The method is: apply a thin layer of each, not too thick.  Absorb after application, the more times you apply, the better.  Master the frequency of use according to your free time, has been used to disappear scars

纽西之谜粉红芦荟清润舒缓凝胶GEOSKINCARE PINK ALOE VERA REFRESHING AND SOOTHING GEL,,12-已二醇,库拉索芦荟(ALOE BARBADENSIS叶汁标,好望角声畜ASE SERCNCH提取物,若雪草(CENTELLA ASIATICA)提取物,神经酰胺3盛胶提致物,FOUSCARICA果提取物,桃花酸,甲基丙二醇,卡波姆钢,甘油,PEG-40化園麻油基不,化器察源,乙基二甘醇,餐知版,(日用)香精。要用方法:取适量凝胶涂抹于面部或者身体,轻轻按摩拍打至吸收。也可作方面廣。可作为表后修护产品使用。三事:用后如有任不适或异常,请暂停使用或咨询皮肤医生。