Southern Alps Brightening Serum(35ml) 南阿尔卑斯靓肤精华液 (expired date 11/2022)

RM 110.00

Geoskincare Southern Alps Brightening Serum 35ml (EXPIRED DATE 11/2022)

 Featuring organic Edelweiss extract, this highly-concentrated brightening serum targets dark spots, and reduces the effects of sun-damaged skin. 

Precious white Edelweiss extract, in combination with Damask Rose water, oat seed and beech tree bud extract, helps activate skin renewal and restore its youthful radiance and complexion. To be used with other products of the Southern Alps Collection for best results.  

What is Serum?

A serum is a lot thicker and has a gooey texture. It is quite powerful and nourishing on its own. Using serum regularly can help combat deep lines and wrinkles, as well as hyper-pigmentation and acne. Serums are often a lot heavier in texture and they fight serious skin comlication . They are also used by women who have problematic or mature skin. Normally, younger women or teens would not need a serum in their skincare routine.