Our Ingredients

Our Ingredients

organic ingredients and resources found throughout new zealand’s beautiful landscape have inspired us to create natural skincare solutions of exceptional quality and purity.

the geoskincare range contains natural minerals found only in new zealand geothermal regions, along with essential oils and pure extracts that improve overall skin health. we guarantee that we’ll never use nasty chemicals or genetically modified ingredients in any of our products.

ingredients you will find in our products:

natural minerals
natural minerals found in geothermal silica include potassium, magnesium, phosphorous and calcium - all of which contribute to healthy skin and healthy bodies.

essential oils
our essential oils have been hand selected for their specific beneficial properties to the skin and body. we only source pure essential oils for geoskincare products.

pure extracts
we use pure extracts from new zealand and around the world which contain valuable nutrients and properties that assist with healthy skin.
ingredients you won’t find in any of our products:

  • phenoxyethanol  
  • sodium lauryl sulphate
  • parabens    
  • propylene glycol    
  • triethanolamine    
  • isopropyl alcohol
  • pegs, deas, edtas    
  • mineral oil     
  • petrochemicals    
  • artificial colours     
  • artificial fragrances    
  • genetically modified