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Sun Block Protector Sunscreen SPF 32 PA++ (suitable for sensitive skin)

RM 85.00

Sun Block Protector Sunscreen Face SPF 32 PA++

Mild, non-alcoholic, suitable for kids
温和,不含酒精 小孩都可以使用

可以每天使用, 不会阻塞毛孔

  • Brightening
  • SPF 32 PA ++ Protection
  • Improve dull skin

A moisture-rich daily sun block that purifies and corrects your skin tone.Smooth over the face from the centre working outwards in the natural direction of circulation, to give the skin instant radiance. 

SPF 32 PA ++  cream is a multi-protective  can help your skin resist everyday aggressors such as UV rays and urban pollution. Can inspire skin tone and make skin look more Brighten 

SPF 32 PA ++ 防嗮霜是一种多重保护霜,可帮助让您的皮肤抵抗日常侵害者,例如紫外线和城市污染,还可以提亮肌肤,看起来精神爽朗


Sunflower seed oil, lavender flower water, the horse tooth garden enhances the skin and gives the skin a refreshing feeling.  From the guard who was injured by sunlight during the day.